Thursday, November 26, 2009


This is the day that we as a nation have set aside to purposefully be thankful. We remember that our situation is the result of things or a being beyond our control. Often we grumble when things don’t go our way, complaining that God could have done things better. Without fully realizing that God has a much better perspective on our situation (our story), we think that we know better then the “grown up” in the situation. After all why would Father be interested in what’s best for His children. Remember James in is letter to the church reminds us that every good and perfect gift come s down from the Father of lights.

Paul reminds us that we are to give thanks for everything. Not just the things we want or appreciate, but everything. A hard command until we understand that Father really has our best interest at heart. He provides only what will ultimately be in our best interest. You see it really is an issue of trust. Are we willing to trust God with our present, with our future? Or are we convinced that we know better then God what we need?

After all finite creatures are so much more knowledgeable then an infinite being. For those of us who have spent any time around small children we know that very often they think they know what is best but often don’t see the bigger picture. They know that their ball has rolled out into the street and they are singly focused on getting the ball. But adults often see a bigger picture. They see the car driving down the street and a child not aware of the danger. When the adult stops the child from running into the street the child is upset that they didn’t get their way not appreciating the larger situation.

Like the small child we also complain when we don’t get what we want, when we don’t get our way. We never realize that we have often been saved a world of hurt, even if we are inconvenienced, suffer setbacks or occasionally endure minor hurts.

So today, let’s give thanks for everything that we have and are going through.

Counting it all joy!

Pastor Val