Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I was recently reading (unfortunately, I can’t remember what or where I was reading, something that is happening from time to time) about Jesus and the many miracles He performed. This author pointed out that many perhaps most of Jesus miracles were performed were as a result of interruptions to the task or purpose He was involved with at that moment in time.

Jesus is at a wedding enjoying the party and His mother interrupts him with a request for help with the wine. After delivering the greatest sermon of all time Jesus is interrupted by a leprous man asking for healing. He is confronted by demonic men on His way to minister to a town. Jesus is teaching about cloths and wine skins and a synagogue ruler interrupts asking for help with his sick daughter. Jesus is on His way to heal a sick girl and He is interrupted by a woman in the crowd who has a blood disease. Jesus is traveling on His way to a destination and a blind man interrupts Him with a request to be healed. After a long day of teaching Jesus is sleeping during a boat ride to the other side of the lake and His sleep is interrupted due tot eh fear of the disciples of a sudden storm. Jesus is teaching and a message comes telling Him his friend Lazarus is dead.

Was Jesus bothered by the interruptions? My only clue to the answer to this question is that Jesus occasionally slipped off either by himself or sometimes with His disciples in order to rest and recharge, so even Christ needed time to recharge His batteries. But on at least one occasion the crowd followed Him and Jesus gave up his rest to minister to their needs.

I could go on with more but I think you get the idea. Ministry is often about the interruptions. This is something I’m learning as a new senior pastor. While I encountered it some as an associate I really have had to come to grips with this reality with my change in position.

Each day I have a list of things I want to get accomplished and each day my success rate varies with the number of things I have checked off my “to do list.” But what I am noticing is that when I am open to the Spirit He chooses to often interrupt my day with more important issues and people with needs and hurts. I am given the opportunity to serve because of the interruptions not in spite of them!

God bless the interruptions and bless you, God, for allowing me to serve

Pastor Val