Monday, March 30, 2009

How To Survive Groupies and Critics

How to survive groupies and critics

Have you ever wondered about why we agonize over criticism? Have you ever wondered is there truth to the voice of the critics. Or have you wondered about the praise of your fans, your groupies? Is there truth in their praises? Each of these two groups want something from you. The questions you need to ask yourself is what is it do they want? And what do I want from them?

Every leader or speaker has them critics and groupies. Each has a unique need and a unique way of responding. Our job is to seek for the underlying truth in their words and concerns.

I ran across a blog today that addressed this issue and I think had some helpful insights in dealing with groupies and critics.

I offer it to you below and have provided the link if you would like to explore Seth’s blog for yourself.

Ignore your critics
If you find 100 comments on a blog post or 100 reviews of a new book or 100 tweets about you...
and two of them are negative, while 98 are positive...
which ones are you going to read first?
If you're a human being and you're telling the truth, the answer is pretty obvious: you want to know which misguided losers had nasty things to say and you want to know what they said. In fact, if we're being totally truthful, it's likely you're going to take what the critics had to say to heart.
That's a shame. The critics are never going to be happy with you, that's why they're critics. You might bore them by doing what they say... but that won't turn them into fans, it will merely encourage them to go criticize someone else.
It doesn't matter what Groucho or Elvis or Britney or any other one-name performer does or did... the critics won't be placated. Changing your act to make them happy is a fool's game.
Here's a surprising thought, though. You should ignore your fans as well.
Your fans don't want you to change, your fans want you to maintain the essence of what you bring them but add a laundry list of features. You fans want lower prices and more contributions, bigger portions and more frequent deliveries.
So, who should you listen to?
Your sneezers.
You should listen to the people who tell the most people about you. Listen to the people who thrive on sharing your good works with others. If you delight these people, you grow.

You can check it out a the link provided below

Sneezers are anyone who virally spreads the things that advance the Kingdom. People have to come into close contact with a sneezer for the virus to spread.

A final thought or two or maybe even three.

Always accept praise and criticism with a grain of salt.

Always take both before Father and ask Him, His opinion

Always listen to His voice and you will never go wrong

Grace 2 U

Pastor Val