Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was a special Father’s Day for me. I celebrated the day in Jacksonville FL with my dad and my entire family. June 15th 2008 was a unique day for me. First it was Father’s Day, as I mentioned, it was my youngest daughter’s 24th Birthday (Sorry honey, I probably shouldn’t of mentioned that part), and yesterday I was officially hooded at my doctoral commencement. And that’s why the whole gang was in Florida at the beach this weekend.

I am thankful for a Godly dad. One who loves the lord and wants to see his son excel in the ministry to which I’ve been called. I’m thankful for my family, a wife who has put up with a lot of years of schooling and proof-reading thousands of pages of my writing, and two daughters who (admittedly drive me crazy sometimes but also make me proud of where they are going in life.

And I’m thankful for God granting me the grace and strength to finish my schooling. What a great way to celebrate with a graduation, fellowship and participating in a Eucharistic meal with my family, knowing that all of them have made professions of faith in our Lord.

I know how difficult it is for many people today to feel comfortable celebrating Father’s Day because they have never had a human father who they could look up to or love them, someone who could help them catch a glimpse of what our heavenly Father is like and how much he loves and cares for us and is there for us regardless of how often we blow it, chafe under His correction or reject His loving embrace.

This is one of the difficult challenges that our Christian community faces when we attempt to speak to this generation about a father who loves them. Many of them have had absentee fathers all of their lives. Many have never experienced a father who loves them or cares for them.

We need to express a love for those who have never had a human father love them. We need to love them into the Kingdom. This means that even when they are unlovely we still need to love them. (I know it’s harder to do than say)

God grant us the grace to love the lovely and the unlovely, to be Father’s representative to a lost world who need to experience God the Father’s love.


Dr. Val