Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Private Personal Sermon

This past week I prepared a sermon twice that ultimately I gave it to myself. I hadn’t planned it that way but that was what God intended it.

You need a little background before I share the story and what I learned from the message. I am currently between official ministries but I teach a house church via the internet each week. Since there are so few of us there are times that the group chooses not to meet due to a family or two being unavailable. I had been looking forward to this message because it was my Christmas story. For the past few years I have been telling the story of Christmas from various characters’ point of view, you know Joseph, Mary, etc. This year I was focusing on the shepherds.

Now back to the story. I had prepared this message and was fairly happy with the direction the message had taken. I had saved the message on one of my computers but had failed to send it to the other one or back it up on my external drive. (Don’t get ahead of the story. Let it play itself out.)

When I prepare a message I make several files: research, sermon, sermon notes, and sermon notes with blanks. All of these file have similar names but the last words are different. Saturday I had been doing some electrical work and had to turn off the power and in the process I accidentally shut off the power to my computer. Now that wasn’t the problem because when I fired up the computer and opened Word I had all of my open files waiting for me as recovered files. I made the mistake of saving them “just to be safe” and in the process of saving these files the program suggests the first line as the file name. Now we come to the fun part! The file that contained my sermon notes was saved as my sermon file due to the first line being the sermon title.

So there I was Saturday night at 11:30 PM realizing that I had lost my sermon but I had several copies of the sermon notes that my congregation would be using in the morning! Fortunately I had done all of the study and had all of my research still available. About 1:00 AM I finally finished my rewriting of my message and crawled into bed.

Sunday morning I got a call from the folks at the church letting me know that a number of folks were not going to be able to make it for the Sunday service so we decided to cancel the service.

Now another man might have been angry and another man might have been sad but I believe that God was telling me that the message was for me. After all I had not only studied the passage extensively but I had also written the sermon…twice! Apparently the message was meant for me!!!

So what did I learn from the message?

The most significant point for me was that the Price of Peace is my sovereign and in the service of my King I could find my well-being, security and completeness in Him!

Look for my next post to expand on Jesus as our Price of Peace

Merry Christmas

Pastor Val

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