Monday, November 12, 2007

Honoring Our Citizen Soldiers

Today we honor the men and women of the armed services. We acknowledge their patriotism and self-sacrifice to protect us. For over 230 years these brave patriots have answered the call of our country and many have laid down their lives for our protection. We salute their sacrifice and ask God’s grace on the families of those who have lost loved ones.

Many of us have given sons and daughters and friends who have willingly laid down their lives in the service of our country. One dear friend of mine lost his son a year ago in Iraq. I can testify as to the devastation that it brings upon a family. I honor this son and the entire family on this day that we honor our citizens in uniform (professional or otherwise).

May God grant them solace and grace in a special way today!

I hope you have sensed my heart and the respect and tribute that I give to our people in uniform. And I take nothing away from them today.

But on days like today I am moved to think of my dual citizenship and of those who have served in the service of our King. I wish that my fellow dual citizens could find a way to honor those veterans who have faithfully served our King and Kingdom. Some have served with distinction but have never been honored, remembered or even known.

While it would be nice to recognize their dedicated service here in the embassies around the world, perhaps that recognition won’t happen until we all get to go home and celebrate in the capital with the King.

Until that fateful day,

May God grant each of us solace and grace in a special way today!

Pastor Val

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