Sunday, October 28, 2007

God’s Sense of Humor

The ancient Jewish writings tell us that we were created in the image of God. As image bearers of God we can learn much about the character of God by examining ourselves. For example, we know that God must have a sense of humor since we have one. Of course it doesn’t hurt my argument when reads the ancient poet who tells us that “the one enthroned in haven laughs” Psalm 2:4. So it doesn’t surprise me that Father has a unique sense of humor.

As many of you know, I am looking forward to a new ministry. I have been learning more about God’s sense of humor. As I’ve been waiting on God and his timing to launch me into my next ministry, I can’t help to occasionally have a conversation with Father and discuss what I’m going through and how I long to get busy with my next assignment.

Recently I was praying and complaining that with God’s kingdom being so vast that there must be some small corner of His kingdom where I could serve Him. I’ve been answering advertisements for pastor on the web and a church in California responded and asked me to consider their position.

Every time a church responds positively to my resume I always get pumped. So I was excited to get a packet of information from this church. That is until I read the proposed offer. This church in California was offering salary and parsonage. Sounds good so far.

(Now here is where God’s sense of humor comes in)

Yeah, the salary was $20,000 – for California!

For 24 hours I tried to figure out if I could do it and how could I do it. Then I remembered J. I Packer talking about how to determine God’s will in his book Knowing God. Packer reminds us that when trying to determine God’s will for our life, God expects us to use our God given abilities and brainpower. There was no rational way that I could take this job. While there is always the possibility that God wants us to step out in faith thus allowing God to do something spectacular, Scripture informs us that the miraculous doesn’t happen on a regular basis just occasionally. This just wasn’t such an occasion.

I looked up to the sky and told God “Now that’s not fumy!”

I know that God is ultimately in control but occasionally He has to remind me. In His time and His way it will happen, until then God will continue to teach me patience and something about His incredible sense of humor.

So I guess the joke is on me!

Pastor Val

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