Friday, February 4, 2011

Stop the Blindsiding!

This weekend America celebrates its greatest secular/religious holiday – Super Bowl Sunday. As Americans we love our football. This got me thinking about what we can learn from this game. There are number of things that I discovered.

Worshipers, err fans at this event are really into the event. They seem to have no problem entering into the festivities. One rarely sees someone just quietly sitting and not participating.

Participation is necessary if you are going to win the game.

Fans watch the action from the stands but the real activity in on the field.

Practice is mandatory to execute the game plan properly

Dedication will be rewarded

Every member of the team is important. Every member of the team has a contribution to make to the final results.

The most important player on the field is the one calling the plays. He is the quarterback. While everyone one else is important for the team to win without a ball handler any team is going to be in trouble. Just remember the Bears playoff game when they were down to their 3rd string QB for the last half of the game that they lost to the Packers.

The next most important player on the field is the offensive left tackle.

Why you ask? Because his job is to protect the quarterback’s blindside! You see most quarterbacks are right-handed and they typically can’t see someone coming from their left side. They need someone to protect them so that they don’t get blindsided.

Tick off your left tackle and you might not like the results. Your protection detail might be less aggressive in protecting your backside.

Sometimes the left tackle simply gets beat by the opponent. In the church we call the opposition the Devil.

Pastors can often be considered the play-callers in their church and they need someone to protect them on their left side to keep them from being blindsided! That’s what boards are for.

They are supposed to be your offensive line helping to protect their playmaker. When they fail to do their job the quarterback can be taken out, not only for the play but sometimes for the rest of the game or even the rest of the season. Kind of like what happened to the Lions this season.

Pastors make sure that you work and pray with your offensive board and train together to enact God’s game plan for your team.

And Board members make sure that you have your pastor’s back. Pray for him; work with him. If necessary bench him or even trade him if he isn’t accomplishing the game plan. But no matter what he has done no one ever deserves to be blindsided.

Rooting for my team this Sunday!

Pastor Val

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